Tomahawk Chop at Chiefs Game

So if you watched the Chiefs yesterday you could clearly hear the crowd doing the tomahawk chop during certain periods of the game. So is it only racist if its in Atlanta? Or does it only become racist once you make it to the World Series or Super Bowl?

I am not seeing much discussion from the political ambulance chasers that seemed to follow the Braves during the post-season.

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Oh, you will hear about it every once in a while.
But Kansas City knows what butters the bread around here.

Google “Kansas City Chief tomahawk chop” and you will see plenty of articles critical of them too.

If Butler lives in GA, then obviously he knows more about criticism of the Braves Chop than Chiefs.

They do the tomahawk chop plenty at Braves games, it’s no longer led with music or the giant drum like it was a couple of years ago.

The thing bugs me about the Chiefs (and other teams) was when they quit playing Rock and Roll Part 2 because of Gary Glitters pedophilia conviction.

I lived there most of my life before moving to FL, so yes I am very familiar…

For what it is worth.
The Chiefs are actually named after H. Roe Bartle, who was known as “Chief”.

And, to further the discussion I will post a link to an article from the KC Star regarding the use and the origins of Bartles nickname.

I will also post my the email I sent to the author of this idiocy.

" Ms. Klick

As an Honorary member, and father of a member of the Heart of America Council’s Honor Society, Tribe of Mic o Say, I can’t say that I am surprised at your article, just severely disappointed. It is disappointing that you would choose to write, and the Star would choose to publish and article that is such incredibly fact free, research lacking, removed from reality, and completely devoid of journalistic integrity. Your article amounts to nothing but a tabloid, garbage hit piece on a well respected incredible organization that has been instrumental in the growth and maturity of literally tens of thousands of young men. This article would not get a passing grade in a Freshman journalism class.

I can only speculate that you intentionally chose to not reach out to any of the hundreds of Business and Community leaders in the KC area that have numerous positive experiences and would give at least some credit for their success to the lessons they learned as member of Mic o Say. There is literally an article in another local and credible publication this year that has a factual take on Mic o Say, perhaps you could learn some lessons; Bob Buckley: We can disagree without being divisive or disrespectful

*Perhaps you could have also done some research on the fact that Mic o Say is so popular that the H. Roe Bartle camp literally has a waiting list for Scouts to work as Staff members. Or how about looking into how much money in scholarships is awarded by Mic o Say. *

Or, here is a novel idea. Why not do a modicum of research and discover that the Heart of America Council was one of the only organizations in the country to successfully execute not one, but two full time overnight summer camps with, as far as I know, no issues with Covid-19 in either camp. Would that possibly put a dent in your agenda?


Personally, I don’t believe the name “Chief”, nor the arrowhead is racist. There are police chiefs, fire chiefs, etc. I do find the Tomahawk chop and the chant that goes with it extremely racist, and any fan of the chiefs or the braves who does it are racists. It does not belong in professional sports and the management of these teams has the power to stop it - they just chose not to.

Could you educate us on the “chant that goes with it?” There was no chant at the Braves’ games with it.

Welcome to our community syd!

Its just another area where people think they can impart change by claiming something is racist when its really not. Its hysterical to see all the white political hacks claiming something is racist. We are in the “I’m offended” snowflake generation and people are just looking for attention. It wasn’t offensive at the Braves games until they made the World Series. Its not offensive at Florida State games because they haven’t been good recently.

I will just continue to be “racist” as I cheer on the Braves and will not give it a second thought.

Just out of curiosity are you Native American? I’ve noticed the people the most offended are those least tied to a tribe.

My friends that are native careless about any of this. They care more about tribal funding, education and other things tied to their community.

I actually have a very good friend that is full blooded Blackfoot.
He goes around the country following the activists that want to change all the names and rebuts their arguments.

Everyone is different. I had one friend who was slightly native. She found out through a blood test that could trace it back to her family.

She turned into a weird activist about things. The other natives said it’s common. People who didn’t grow up in the struggle, want to get all into the ‘struggle’. What she felt was important wasn’t what the tribe felt was important.

I think people forget, being native American is less about biology and more about culture.

Which is why my friend still calls the Washington Football team the “Redskins”.

I didnt know you were friends with Elizabeth Warren ?!?! :slight_smile:

NAh she actually could prove she was native. She went to Haskell.

If memory serves me correct it started when Deion Sanders played for the Atlanta Braves. The Chant first started at the Florida State Seminoles which is where Deion played college ball.

So you find about 50,000 Florida State Fans racist at every home football game. You actually think the nickname Braves was picked to look down at the American Indian. Weird but not surprising.

It is a Native American War Chant that was played by the band and picked up by the fans. No intent to be racist by anyone.