Tom Brady's unretirement continues to not go well^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1581744443056869377|twgr^ab1a5767809ddc2d2fa245dcac185a54b103e484|twcon^s1_&

If you’re talking football, this is the version.

If you want to date yourself, mention that and see how many people know what you are talking about. It is almost to the point of saying you will be Sergeant Schultz.

To beat on a dead GOAT:

ONe has to wonder…Brady has pretty much lost his trophy wife…he COULD have gone out on top but decided he needed more. Now he is tanking, and while it MIGHT be the team that surrounds him, it doesn’t make him look good. So what does he do? Come back and try just one more time, or go out on a slide.

Some of us classics never grow old.