Tom Brady to retire

I think he is making the right decision.

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Mildly surprised, but he made comments the other day suggesting something about family influencing the decision. That hinted at the possibility.

He did well and it is time to go

Thought that Tom had a few more good years in him.

Nice trolling headline from NY:

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Is that David Letterman wearing a uniform?

In a couple more year’s, David’s beard will be as long as “Tom Brady’s”.

Update: Brady changes his mind.

I thought that nay be a sports “Babylon Bee” so I jumped over to ESPN.
Holy cow!!

If you believe some of the columns that were written recently:

  1. Brady wanted to play for his hometown San Francisco 49ers.
  2. He did not want to come back to Tampa Bay and had issues with Bruce Arians.

Arians denied the second story and also said the Buccaneers would not let Brady go.

Also, he was at a soccer match with the owners of the Buccaneers yesterday. Who knows what was said there.

Here is a column comparing Brady to other athletes who retired and then came back.

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Hey after years in New England, Tampa feels like Nirvana!

Ooof…you ever been to Tampa?

Yes and Clearwater Beach… Parking was tough… Beach was great.

With all the talent moving to the AFC, he has an easier trip to the SB.