Todays version of dumbest thing

This is copied from a FB friends page that shared this.

"Problematic opinion incoming!
The fact that Carl Nassib, a whyte mn was able to come out as gay while actively in the NFL and be declared the “first active gay NFL player” one of the most insulting things ever!
ESPECIALLY after how they treated Michael Sam and inevitably him being let go and cut from his NFL teams.
Whyte g
y m*n are still WHYTE, thus having WHYTE PRIVILEGE!

  1. To everyone saying that Michael was kicked off his teams because “his performance was declining”, I need you to think about how quickly he was put under a microscope after coming out so early in his draft career.
    I know so many LGBTQ people who have come out in their professional settings and noticed how micro aggressive and hostile their work environments became. Michael has also talked about how his mental health took a very drastic turn after everything about him became so public. So consider both those factors when talking about the real reasons he got put off the team.
    2. Yes carl had been in the NFL for six seasons prior to coming out.  this is because he knew the privileges that he would lose if he had came out any sooner and also he had probably seen what had happened to Michael Sam prior to him.
    I am not taking away from his experience of coming out and I am happy that there is an openly gay man on an NFL team actively in his career. However this is not the beacon of representation that y’all are trying to make it to be. Michael was used as a test dummy so that Carl could do this!"

All these years, I’ve been misspelling “whyte.”

WIY have you been doing that?

I don’t no whi. I am very disappointed in myself and may have to surrender the dictionaries that I won in spelling bees no more than 62-63 years ago.

He may be my new favorite player (if he would leave the Raiders)

No issue with him being gay, but a Raider is over the line.

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