To JimToo: Do you think 0-17 will happen this year?

Hey, the Lions were the first team to go 0-16. At least this time everybody knew that this would be a long year in Detroit, and there is no Matt Millen in charge now.

Well, there’s this.


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To be honest, I pay little attention to the Lions any more. I’ll check the score from time to time, but don’t follow them and don’t know many of the players. I don’t watch their games, even when they’re on TV here (usually, only if a Monday or Thursday game). I have read where their attendance has dropped a lot and their season ticket sales are down.

Given what appears their ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and get crushed by mediocre teams, 0-17 is entirely possible. In a way, I hope they do it and continue their ignominy.

You know their quarterback, Jared Goff, right?

In Los Angeles they are talking about how Goff never won an NFL game under a coach other than Sean McVay. It is not looking too good from Goff after 2022. If the Lions cut him before the 2022 season is over they will incur a big-time dead salary cap hit.

I’ve heard of Goff. Based on what has happened so far the season, he apparently requires an offensive line that occasionally blocks defensive rushers and receivers that occasionally catch the ball. That means he is doomed in Detroit. Nonetheless, I don’t think the Lions will release him because their main backup QB David Blough was undrafted and rarely played last season (although he did marry quite well). The 2nd backup, Tim Boyle, was also undrafted and signed as a free agent. According to Football Reference, he passed for 15 yards in two seasons with Green Bay and rushed for -16 (netting a -1 yard of offense).