TMobile International Calls

Around Thanksgiving, we changed to the Tmobile Senior unlimited TTD plan 2 Phones $55… $65 with Taxes and Fees.
We did not get any add-ons like International calling.

Anyway, wife made a call to Europe on the TMobile Phone.
I looked up the fee on line… it said $3 a Minute Wow!! Looking at a $60 LD Call. Don’t do that again.

Then the bill came… covered the time of the call… NO EXTRA Charges. I have been searching various sites, reddit etc… wondering what I missed. Are these calls included in the Senior plan?

I am not complaining… just wondering. Did I miss something?

Does the person have an Iphone? If so use facetime for free.

Or if they have Facebook you can call them via Messenger.

Looking forward to the explanation. I have a trip to Spain coming up this summer, my first time out of North America.

Oh yes, yes.

Pamplona can be a very exciting place.

So Mary, were you an active participant in the Running of the Bulls?

Oh, heavens no.

That wasn’t something a refined lady would do.

Now my late husband Arthur, that’s another story. I was terrified the entire time.

Not sure if you have T-Mobile but I can share some recent experiences from international travel. There are many countries covered by T-Mobile through their partnerships depending on your plan. You can check the map on their website and we have had coverage everywhere we have been. Its basically free to receive texts and you get 3G data speeds. Be careful if you use the Wifi Calling feature of your phone to call someone in the same country where you are. The Wifi calls actually originate in the US and so calling back to the country where you are is international.

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I called TMobile.
They had no record of the call to Italy.
The assumption is that the call went over the internet.
Apparently Tmobile will route calls over the internet if the WiFi signal is stronger than the Cell Tower Signal.
Wife’s call was made from a room directly over the Router.

Sounds like a lottery… $3 a minute or free egads!!

I asked how you know how you are connected.
The gal (very pleasant) suggested that you could put the phone in Airplane mode before making the call or in some other way turn off the Cell Connection.

Be careful though, in testing, I found if a call does not go through (it seemed to vary) you get a message of whether you want to try leave airplane mode … it is easy to reflexively say yes…

Thats about it.