Time To Plea Bargain?

A suspect is brought into the interrogation room to be question about a murder.

After having his right read to him he agrees to talk to the cops.

Detective, "
We want to know where you were when Mike Smith was killed."

Suspect, “I don’t know any body by the name of Mike Sith and I was a home with my girl friend. You have the wrong man.”

Detective, “maybe we do have the wrong man but we are troubled by the fact that your DNA is at the scene. your cell phone was at the scene, we found the murder weapon in the crawl space under your house and match the ballistics to the bullet that killed the victim and your girl friend just confessed that you asked her to alibi you.”

Suspect, “Maybe my lawyer will get me a plea bargain.”

Detective, " Not likely with your lengthy history of violent crimes."

Suspect, “Maybe I can get a pardon.”

Detective, “You do know that Trump lost the lection don’t you?”

Suspect, “Shit’’’’’’”

What does this have to do with Cooking?

The title of the post is humor and cooking.

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