Tiger Woods injured in rollover crash

The stations in Los Angeles just broke in with the news. From the looks of his car, he is very fortunate if he only had two broken legs. This was bad.

Damn, he is lucky.
I always liked Tiger, despite his faults.
This may be the end of his career, at least until the Senior Tour.

The news reports here say that they used the jaws of life to get him out of the car. One reporter noted that for a car to be that badly damaged the driver must have been going really fast.

The report also says this happened around 7 AM.

Hard to tell what is true at this early stage. They showed on the News, the path taken of the car. Tiger left his side of the road and hit a sign that was in the median. Kept travelling into the opposite lane. The distance travelled was estimated to be 476 feet.

Speed limit there was 45 mph. He was obviously going much faster than that.

The television stations in Los Angeles are still covering this.

Here is the latest from TMZ. It sounds like Tiger was late or in a big hurry for something.

1:47 PM PTTMZ has learned … Tiger was staying at a hotel where a major network television show was being shot. Production sources tell TMZ, when the director arrived just before 7 AM, Tiger was driving his SUV very fast as he was leaving the property and almost hit the director’s car. The director was shaken enough to tell production staff about it after he parked. A crew member who saw Tiger as he got in his SUV at the hotel tells TMZ, once Tiger got in his vehicle, there was a delay in driving off – we’re told his SUV was block by another car that was loading luggage – and he appeared “agitated and impatient.” The crew member says once the delay was over, Tiger "took off fast."

I hope he is well. I’m not into golf but even I know who tiger is.

Tiger sliced his drive, hit a tree, and got a bad bounce in the rough. Maybe he will make a quick recovery.

Seriously though, he does not have good luck while driving. He hit a tree when his ex-wife was chasing after him with a golf club. He got a DUI and now a bad accident. He is rich enough to hire a professional driver.

One of the funniest things I ever see is these filthy rich celebrities driving themselves around. Why they would want to be dealing with traffic signals & traffic itself rather than relaxing in the back seat is beyond me.

I think that is uniquely American. We love our vehicles

I suppose. I like my vehicle, but I have learned to like it because I am stuck with it.

If I could afford a full time driver, I would never get behind the wheel. Driving is extremely frustrating. Mainly due to the fucktards clogging up the roads & abusing the left lane.

I rode the bus to work for several years. So relaxing

Same here. I just find driving annoying. I use to love it

One of the local sportscasters here made that point but also noted that Woods is known for liking to drive himself.