Thousands of Lives saved

Democrats Warn Millions Of Lives Could Be Saved If Texas Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

AUSTIN, TX—Democrat lawmakers are speaking out to oppose the state’s ban on abortions after week six of pregnancy, warning that millions of lives could be saved if the law is allowed to stand.

“What’s happening in Texas is a national outrage,” said Democrat house speaker Nancy Pelosi. “We are estimating that this bill could save over a million lives in the first ten years alone. That’s one million more people living in Texas who could actually grow up to vote Republican. It’s unconscionable.”

This law is weird on several levels.

  1. There is no “criminality”, it only allows for individuals to sue civilly.
  2. SCOTUS can still strike it down, they just didn’t order an injunction.
  3. If allowed to stand, it could open up a big can of worms related to other policies.

You keep saying that SCOTUS will strike down the extreme abortion laws, but this is the effect of RBG not being there. They let this one stand event though it blatantly violates Roe.

Not yet, they just didn’t issue an injunction. It may still be overturned.

With RBG on the court, there would have been an injunction. Nearly always was in the past.

100% agree. Nothing keeps a liberal state from enacting similar law on gun owners, diesel truck owners, or any other crazy thing that they can think up.

Imagine if gun stores had rules about how wide the aisles had to be, extra and constantly changing requirements designed purely to put them out of business and having nothing to do with the safety of their customers. They’d throw that out in a second. Yet states are constantly creating laws that do just that and the courts have allowed some of them.

There is zero need for an abortion provider to need admitting privileges, for example.

One person’s extreme law is another person’s common sense law.

About 40% of the country would like to ban abortion altogether.

Do you see the madness of killing real Americans while filling the country with folks that do not speak our language or accept our culture?.. and want to change our Government.

Why do we want to kill Black Babies and bring in folks who do not speak our language and despise us.

Should there be any restrictions on abortion or is it anything goes?

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