Thoughts about this guy?

I remember him from years ago and this came across my youtube feed. I was ready to hate him, but not long into it came to really like the guy. Anybody have any thoughts about him?

Lesko should be your hero, he tells people how to get “free” money from the taxpayers.

Dearie me.

That man’s suit is just horrid. How could you ever trust someone who dresses like that?

YOu didn’t watch the video did you? I’ll help - he’s helping folks like you and me get that free money. Because he noticed that the ones who were getting the most free money were the rich folks. Those folks you admire.

He’s still around? Not exactly a scam, but he’s not going to make you rich. He just compiles grant sources and such, the vast majority of which do not apply to individuals. If you’re working with some community organization, you might get lucky and find a convergence between what you want to do and something the gov is wanting to fund, but not often.

Wow. I haven’t heard of this guy in years.

I didn’t have to, I remember his obnoxious commercials.

I remember that dude! Lots of dollar signs signs and exclamation points. Reminded me a bit of Bill nye the science guy but talking about getting free money.

How much did he help you get? I get my money from working and investing.

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