Those cool Teslas

They have self driving technology, but they don’t have anything to warn the driver that the gull wing door is open while moving. IT’s not cool enough. I guess they have to come up with a new verbal command like “pucker butthole” for them to close.

KC, I’m going to guess there was a light on the display and the driver ignored/didn’t see it. Most modern cars have a door warning. I drive a 17 Chevy Volt. If I put it in Drive with a door ajar it rings a bell with an icon on the display.

This reminds me of a buddy that pulled into hs garage with his $12,000 bike on the roof of his car. No big deal, got his insurance check and bought a 14k bike.

Yeah, but your dashboard isn’t an infotainment system. Oh well…one more benefit of the internal combustion engine…you can hear the engine running with the rear (gull wing) door open.

Not just on the display. The car would have been beeping a loud warning.

I guess some folks are so in awe of the technology that they just overlook the little things. Autopilot would have shut the door.

It has an alarm if the door is open.

The car is not 100% idiot proof. Won’t be anytime soon.

No, they aren’t idiot proof. Which is one reason I am not a fan of autopilot. Hell.,…I wonder if they overrode some of the warnings about having your hands on the steering wheel, and if that might hav e shut down any other alarms.

This has nothing to do with autopilot.

Except that some “idiots” bypass the safety features of the worst named automotive feature ever…so that they can be idiots and watch Videos wihile the car is on “autopilot”. I’m only wondering they bypassed those warnings and it might have not sounded the alarm. If anything, it shows that alarms mean nothing to this driver.

That has nothing to do with someone back their car out of the garage with the door open

Tinkering with warning systems might have some impact on other systems.

Or sometimes people just do stupid things. Autopilot only works on he highway.

I’m not talking about autopilot. I am talking about tinkering with systems to bypass safety features. I only wonder if he might have done that and inadvertently disconnected the “a gull wing is ajar” messages.

You can do that with any car.

Yeah, but not many cars have gullwing doors in back and a “normal” door being open is easily caught.

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