This woman thought Fauci should be executed

But, had she and others of her not so exclusive club heeded Fauci’s advice, she’d have another day to ridicule the vaccinated and vaccine promoters.

It’s becoming almost comical, the number of high profile antivaxers who have succumbed to covid-19.

Your definition of “high profile” is questionable.

It is funny how the libs know who all these strange people are. I have never heard of her. She use to be an actress (two films).

If I were to die from covid-19, no one outside of my family and friends would know.
So I would consider someone whose death is newsworthy, to be at least somewhat high profile.

I don’t consider the daily beast news. It’s a garbage liberal site.

If the average person can’t name the person and their claim to fame is two small parts in a movie, there isn’t much news there.

That is just garbage journalism trying to snicker at an anti-vaccine person’s death. I find it in poor taste.

No loss to planet earth associated with this idiot’s exit.
She wanted to see Fauci executed. She verbally accosted people waiting in line to get vaccinated.
Karma is a bitch.

It’s more like no profile.

Yeah, wouldn’t call a Q ‘star’ high profile. How many Americans are Q, maybe 5%?

You are WAY overestimating

Was 5% of southerners in the 1920s KKK members? I put QAnon in the same category of extremism

I’m thinking even at the height, it was 4%

With any social movement, organization membership is a small proportion of total supporters. Plus, a lot of people who fall for Q propaganda don’t even know it’s Q.

The only people who seem into Q here are the liberal.

Why I find it interesting.

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It’s the elephant in the room that does not exist kinda like Trump choosing Russia to help him and the FBI not wiretapping the Trump campaign. Clinton learned her tricks from a Nixon internship. Instead of running afoul of the FBI, she had the FBI do her dirty work

Thats a good point, they’d never say they are Q or even heard of it but they think prominent dems are pedophile ringleaders or that Trump won 2020.

You think very low about Trump supporters

People here claim to not know about Q, then post their claims.

This is true, but only people that stuck by Trump after his post election performance. I could see the argument to support Trump during his presidency even though I didnt.

I remember hearing that the Kraken would be released in 2021 from a few posters here…thats straight Q.


Sydney Powell said she would release the Kraken. As far as I know, she isn’t Q.