This is kind of disturbing to me

My yahoo feed has a Verizon ad in English and Spanish but something just doesn’t look “right” about the guy in the picture. It just bothers me for some reason…


What’s wrong with her KC?

The face. the mouth. the hat. the angle. They all look really odd. Indeed…I see a guy, not a girl…

That’s just the de-sex-if-ication of humans. You can’t be male or female anymore. You see it in TV ads now. There’s an ad now that show’s a family. Father screaming about something to his wife, daughter and well, an “it”. The boy is kinda like the picture above. You can tell it’s a boy but weird.


I thought he was missing a finger lol.

They should have taken more classes

What!!! You are Trans Phobic! That is HATE speech!

If he “identifies” as a girl, you must recognize that or you have offended him/her/it/?

Going out on a limb here: she looks like President Obama only with white skin

YOu should look for an eye doctor

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Agreed. I have some bad face blindness

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