Thief crushed to death by a car

Should not have been so cheap and bought himself a better jack.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

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These pruis exhaust are worth $2,000 in scrap value.

I do a lot of my own auto work. I have one absolute in working on a vehicle, never ever get under a vehicle that’s only supported by a jack. It gives Darwinism the chance to rear it’s head.

Yep. Jack stands are cheap & only take 30 seconds to place & adjust.

When I club raced I saw many racers doing short cuts like this either in the pit or just working on their car getting ready to grid up. I never wanted to win that bad, I’ll take the extra minute to place a jack stand.

Make sure they are not the recalled Harbor Freight stands. There was a big batch of them that weld would rip apart and drop the vehicle.

I know a guy that had a vehicle drop on him. It was on his legs for 4 hours till a friend stopped by to say hi. He lost his legs.


I have an old pair where you insert the bolt & secure it with a pin. Have small vehicles that they are perfect fits for.

I have always practiced redundant support. Obviously would never do hydraulics only, but also not a fan of jackstands only. I use both simultaneously.

I do the same thing, I position the stands let them carry the weight and then just snug the floor jack. Not likely for both to fail.

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