The Washington Commanders need a geography lesson

How bone-headed can you be?

How many desks did that run across before it was caught?

Easy to do… politically not much difference.

Fruit of the same tree!!

You beat me to it…I was just about to post this. Oopsie.

really…in FOOTBALL???

Hey, if the New York Giants and Jets play in New Jersey, I guess anything is possible.

Lots of Jazz played in Utah?

Mormon jazz…don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Musician Tom T. Hall, just minutes after asking the audience to help him with a sing-along:

“You all sound like the Mormon Tabernacle football team.”

In the old North American Soccer League in the 1980s the New England Tea Men moved Jacksonville and became the Jacksonville Tea Men. That made as much sense as the New England Gators would have.

Indianapolis Colts


There are many Horse Farms in the Dulaney Valley area North of Baltimore.
That is where the colt name came from.

I do not know much about Indianapolis.
I do know Baltimore wanted to keep the Colt name for a future team.

As it turned out, Ravens seems to be working fine.

Did you Know that Edgar Allen Poe wrote the Poem 'The Raven".
Poe lived in Baltimore… his home is a Historic Landmark there.

This may explain their difficulty in finding the end zone.

Yeah, but Colts wouldn’t be especially foreign to Indy. Jazz and Utah don’t really go together. Or Lakes and LA.

A bit before my time. Happened in the late 50’s, Minneapolis Lakers moved to LA then. Minnesota’s motto is Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Yeah, that’s what happened. Might have been better to change the name. I’m sure there are a few lakes around LA, but not what it’s known for.