The Steve Jobs deal with Michael Dell that could have changed Apple and tech history

Dell was smart. There was no demand for the Next Operating System.

It was as dumb as IBM PAYING Microsoft to develop OS-2 for the IBM PC. Did IBM really think that folks would want a different operating system at work vs Home.

Also, by using Microsoft, MS knew exactly what IBM wanted in a work OS and had no problem including those functions in Windows.

Really Pretty Dumb, IBM

IBM’s dumbest move was agreeing to a nonexclusive operating software license from Microsoft. That allowed dozens of competitors for IBM PCs to use the same software, which effectively killed their PC business.

Osx is next at the core.

They assumed the bios would protect them. Since you could make a bios, the software as safe.

People were able to reverse engineer it. IBM didn’t expect that to happen

IBM failed to grasp the importance of the PC.
They should have bought Intel and MS when they could.

The sales force was reporting that CEO’s etc had an Apple 2 on their desk. It was jeopardizing the all IBM shop.

So IBM went for a quick fix. A Team in Boca Raton was given a year to address this. In order to make this timeframe, they were exempted from long standing rules. They did not need all the legal signoffs from Intellectual Property. They used off the shelf parts, rather than IBM parts which the big stuff had.

Strange as it may sound, the bureaucracy made it easier to deal with an outside vendor than another facility within IBM.

The Plants were using DEC Computers for Process control. When asked why they were not using the IBM Series 1, they said, we can buy the DEC but must rent the Series 1. (This was when buying was was available to customers but not internal users,) Buying lowers cost in the long run.

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