The reason I don't like memes

What’s wrong with memes?

That’s why people should check several sources to verify something they hear or read. Unfortunately a lot of people see something that is telling them something they already believe and just assume it’s true.

Sad fact - they should but they don’t.

I have a friend who is quite liberal and he posted a meme that Trump called soldiers with PTSD weak. I was outraged as I would tend to believe it. But I looked into it more. And found that Trump said in a speech that soldiers see some pretty horrible things. Some are strong enough that they aren’t affected by it. But he did NOT say the were weak, nor did he even infer it. I called my friend out on it and asked that he take it down. He did. Now…how many times have YOU found something you would tend to agree with posted by someone you know and check it out, only to find it was wrong. Would you let them know and suggest they take it down, or would you let him keep it out there and feel that it’s up to someone else to check it’s veracity?

Nor is CNN

I was never really an Alice Cooper fan but when I had Sirius radio he had a pretty good show, seemed like a cool guy.

A niece of ours was once married to a guy who had had Alice Cooper for a little league baseball coach.

HE and Glen Campbell were apparently very good friends.

Cocaine makes for good bonds?

They became friends when each moved to Phoenix, or Scottsdale, to try to get off drugs and alcohol. Eventually, both did.

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