The most racist thing you will read today

A black man telling other black men that they are unable to think for themselves.

OK, this one might beat it.

Whoever wrote these words has serious issues.

“I took an inorganic chemistry exam the same day that a grand jury failed to charge two police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. That day, my body inhaled molecules of white supremacy as they seeped out of my computer from that proctored Zoom room,” Golding said. “They entered my bloodstream and catalyzed a metabolism that would allow for the invasion of my body by a violently infectious life form.”

Wtf. That’s craZy. It’s entitled to think the professor owes you anything outside of the syllabus.

I wasn’t expecting this at Harvard. The professor is a hero. It’s inappropriate for the class and this takes away from teaching what’s in the syllabus.

I paid for the syllabus not a diatribe

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Race doesn’t matter, woke lefties are idiots.

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Another day, more racism.

Thought diversity is lacking among leftists

Well Eric Swalwell shows himself to be a racist piece of shit!!

Anna Navarro goes on a racist rant too.

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