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I’ve been trying to avoid politics lately. I still go there sometimes, but I really try to bite my tongue and move on. So today I watched my grandson. We rode our bikes (I pulled him in his trailer). We went to the park. We played in the water. We rode to the ice cream shop and got a cup of ice cream. Then we rode home. It was supposed to be nap time, but I think he might be outgrowing them. I laid down with him for a while and he was playing and talking…anything but napping. I couldn’t help but notice how much he reminded me of my daughter. In a break…we were just there quietly and he said “I love you Pajoe”. At that moment, I could care less about Biden, Obama, Trump, Fox News, vaccines, Covid, money, racism, or anything else. I realized that there are some damn nice things out there, if you just look. Life is good.


If you turn off the doom and gloom news, life is pretty good. I have 2 youngens and they are full of life.

My 4 year old is turning into a good driver already. When we get to the dirt road, kids to get out of their car seats. My 4 year old gets to drive while I control the pedals. She loves it! Today they got to ride their pony, drive the dually, swim for a couple hours, and play outside with their 9 week old German Shepard puppy. Life is always better when you leave politics out.

Next Friday we leave for a week long camping trip to 3 different state parks. Life is pretty good!

Awesome, went out and bought golf clubs today for my wife. We are going to start golfing together

Could be the best purchase or worst. Your find out within a month or less.

I use to be 8 handicap. I played so much I got burnt out. Now I play maybe 2 times every 5 years. Last time I played I hit a bucket of balls and shot 85. I could tell my short game was terrible and I lost my magic.

Here is what I went to do over the past two days.

I watch almost no news and I’m far better off for it.

I did that about a month ago.

We played with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and she is NOT taking lessons from me, we actually got her about an hour and a half lesson when we bought them.

We’re leaving town in a week. We’ll drive a lot of roads we’ve never driven, drive through a few states to visit one we’ve never been to and see a lot of things we’ve never seen.

A lot of people have known that their entire life and have always been happy and know that life’s good.

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A gal I dated last year went from Kansas to Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma and stayed off the interstates. They saw some amazing sites. Closer to home…she and I were in Lawrence, Kansas having lunch and decided to see if we could get back to her place in Olathe, KS (about 30 miles away) only on gravel roads. We actually made all but 3 miles on gravel roads thru fields and woods. It was very fun.

That’s it. For us, the journey is as important as the destination. We only travel on the interstates when time is of the essence or there is no other real way (often the case here in NM).

We’re just clipping KS this time, coming from CO and catching 83 north near Colby and through NB into SD and ND. Haven’t been to ND before. We’ll go home through MT, WY and CO. We did the KS circle on the two lanes in 2019 and saw some things one doesn’t usuallyexpect in KS.

Last week the gf and I drove mostly highway through parts of Montana, Idaho, and Utah and even that was spectacular. Having a rental with a Hemi didn’t hurt.

This is from a ride I did a few years ago. You can’t tell, but there are 400 other riders here. We rode the gravel roads in the Kansas flint hills. Shortly after I took this, the sun went down… Then it was so cool to see lights from bikes in the fields.


Do you have a gravel bike or do your road bike have gravel tires? Some of the more rustic trail rides I do have brutal climbs on gravel fire roads, gravel triggers ptsd for me.

Both. I have a Specialized Diverge for the gravel, but my two road bikes have gravel tires. My Diverge has tubeless tires but my road bikes don’t. I like gravel tires on the road since they are tougher, and do better in the crap that is along the gutters or in the bike lanes.

I used to be all about xc tires for the lower weight but the stuff I do is hairy and I need the security of a thicker tire. And I’m not good enough to notice my tires are 50% heavier than they used to be.

I went to NW Arkansas a few weeks ago and one trail was like riding on tiny arrowheads. My buddy cut a tire on that trail, mine are heavier and new and had no problems.

The left has always wanted to destroy this country with communism, and the right has always wanted everyone to be Amish and Catholic and Southern Baptist at the same time — and have no fun at all.

I’m a lot less stressed about it than I used to be. Whatever happens, happens. Enjoy life, protect your family, raise your children well, and eventually we’ll all die. :slightly_smiling_face:

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