The great COVID cover up

Here you go folks. Read and weep. The whole thing was manufactured.

That includes the deadly CCP virus itself. Created to get people to take mRNA therapy.

So sad some were so on-target with warnings about what a bad idea it was.
We are finding out in various ways including sudden death of Yuge numbers of prime age people.

Just so people know who the source is.

That’s really professional Mr Carley. You have nothing at all to counter the points made in the article, so you attack the messenger.

For those who require the 10,000 ft view, here are some of the points:

  • The entire COVID thing was manufactured, including the virus itself
  • Many issues were covered up by media and communist China, like gain of function
  • Lies were foisted on the public, like lockdowns preventing spread. Masks, shields, etc.
  • The whole thing was done to enable pushing of mRNA therapy
  • Proper vetting of a vaccine takes around a decade. The jabs were put out in mere months.
  • Thousands have died because of the mRNA therapy

Anybody able to refute any of those points?