The gadgets and tech that got us through 2020

Smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles remain at the top of holiday wish lists, but this year we at CNN Business are reflecting on the tech, services and apps that truly made a big impact on our everyday lives.![|1x1](upload://6w7HOLoKuTDtEXRteNiYA53kW94.gif)
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Is it just me or do people buy a Peloton just so they can say “I rode my Peloton today”?

That may be so, but it also demonstrates that they have too much money.

I know equal parts people where Peloton has changed their life and Peloton makes a pricey clothes rack. As for me, I get my exercise outside. I don’t look at video of people outside while I’m exercising inside.

That was illegal for awhile in Chicago.

I bought a new bicycle and a used elliptical during Covid and probably spent half as much as a Peloton.

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