The Easter Bunny

I know that most people believed there was a Santa Clause when they were very young, but did anyone else ever believe there was an Easter Bunny? Even though my parents were Jewish, when we were growing up they told us on Easter Morning that the Easter Bunny came to the house while we were sleeping and hid an Easter Basket for each child in the family. I was usually able to find mine but one day when I was six I couldn’t find it and thought that the Easter Bunny forgot me. So my mother gave me a few suggestions and I thought she was so smart for helping me find it. Little did I know at the time that my mother was the Easter Bunny who made the most beautiful Easter Baskets for her children :smiley:

I don’t remember really being taught the Easter Bunny was real.

Does USA Today print Misinformation?

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I sort of ruined it for my daughter. When she was reaching the age where kids question Santa, she asked me if there was a Santa Claus. I asked her if she really wanted to know and she nodded yes. So I said “No honey, Santa and the Easter Bunny are your mom and I”. Her eyes grew wide and she said “You mean the Easter Bunny isn’t real either”. I learned then never to offer any more information than necessary.


We never taught nor inferred to our kids the easter bunny was real. I think we kept the tooth fairy thing alive for a bit. I remember my son being absolutely fascinated by a $2 or $5 bill at 7 years old, my daughter not so much. That fascination continues 15 years later. My son has a lot of money in the bank and my daughter not so much.


I have older brothers so they ruined my childhood with the truth. :smiley:


I always considered the Easter Bunny a tougher sell than Santa Claus.

We stopped Believing in the Easter Bunny before we doubted Santa Claus. When I was 8 and my Brother was 5, I took him downtown to Dept Store row on the Bus to see Santa Claus… he still believed.

Today any Mother who allowed an 8 year old to take a 5 year old downtown on the bus would be charged with child endangerment.


As a kid Christmas was a much better haul than Easter, I’d get a basket with some jelly beans, Peeps, a chocolate bunny and a cheap toy. For young kids the Easter egg hunt is always fun, but after 6 or 7 it became lame. I liked Easter because it was a holiday and we’d always have a big dinner with family and other guests often, it was always fun with a house full of people.


Pretty sure she would have figured it out very soon.

Maybe she still hung on for the tooth fairy.

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Same here Basket and Chocolate Bunny.

With the Grandkids, we have the older ones hide the eggs for the Young ones to find… keeps everyone involved while we just watch.

BTW, we found that the older of the egg seekers found eggs before the younger egg seekers found any.

We switched to plastic eggs filled with Candy/Money Whatever.
Each grandkid was assigned a color for them to find and lkeave other colors hidden.
After the older egg seekers found their color eggs, they helped the younger egg seekers find theirs.
It worked great.

half an hour? How about 15 minutes


This thread reminds me of when I was in Sunday School and the teacher asked us which day was more important in Christianity - Christmas or Easter. Before long we were comparing Santa Clause to the Easter Bunny.


I did that to my older brother. Ooff

Once I realized Santa wasn’t real I connected the dots on the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy.

Which is punishing the victim. Liberals like to do that

Kids should be able to be independent. Adults should give them rules and guard/guide posts but they learn from their own mistakes. Safe walkable streets where kids can walk / bike to school safely, not six lane strodes, does wonders for their development

I did that with my older brother. He figured out Santa but I ruined the Easter Bunny and tooth fairy

Would you let your 8 year old and 5 year old ride a bus alone? That’s not a liberal or conservative issue, it’s a common sense thing.

A friend suggested putting up a sign in each room…

No, not today, but today no one hitch hikes.

I did both. Hitch Hiked to school Daily.

We have become a far more dangerous society.