The Doobies Are Just Alright

My favorite rock band.

Definitely a yacht rock icon, one of my favorites as well.

The Stage Manager of the last play I was in was really into Yacht rock, so I have downloaded a couple of playlists on Spotify.
It is pretty calming on a long drive.

It makes you want to get a rum and coke and get on a boat.

FYI, I just found a new rum.

Our software consultant mentioned it, it is seriously good.

Not sure ive had that, ill look for it.

I actually bought the low end first to see if I would like it before I dropped real money on the better stuff.
I am impressed with it, I can’t wait to try the higher end stuff.

The best rum I ever had was a bottle that my neighbor brought back from Havana. That stuff was SMOOTH. We sat on my deck with a Cuban cigar and this rum over ice and it was almost heaven. Just needed a stunning Cuban woman and all would be right with the world.

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