The Bee is funny!

If I was a snowflake I would take offense to this!

But damn, this is effing funny!!


I guess Bud Lite’s partnership with Colin Kaepernick didn’t work out. :rofl:

These are funny too

Gavin Newsom Visits Xi Jinping To Get More Ideas On How To Run California | Babylon Bee)

Mike Johnson’s Family And Friends Stunned To Learn He’s A Congressman | Babylon Bee)

FBI Races Past Protesters Screaming ‘Kill The Jews’ To Arrest Woman Praying Silently Outside Abortion Clinic | Babylon Bee)

And a story that has come true

Republicans To Spend Weekend Brainstorming How To Be Even More Of An Embarrassment | Babylon Bee)

Love the Bee and I know why the left hates it.