The anti-vaxers and anti maskers win

If you have had your shot, you may now go into buildings without a mask. But those folks who won’t get the vaccine (but likely would if Trump were president) and who were complaining that the CDC had no right to tell them what to do will just take off the mask anyways. Now…so far many store and restaurants still require a mask here. I’m curious about how many who were saying the CDC had no right to tell them what to do will cite the CDC decision when they make a scene for Tik Tok and enter an establishment that still requires a mask.

The title of your thread is wrong.
Science and data win, Operation Warp Speed wins!

Cry more, KC.

I’m sure those that trust the CDC will boycott businesses that go against the latest CDC recommendation and tell them to believe the science that masks are not needed.

Can’t imagine why people don’t trust the CDC or any of these other narratives.

I didn’t say it didn’t. INdeed…operation warp speed was done under Trump…but the people who are refusing to get the vaccine because it was developed too fast are…Trump supporters. That’s why I say that they WOULD have the vaccine if Trump were still president.

I was one that said I would likely get it, but I wouldn’t want to be first in line. As things turned out, a few months passed before I was eligible…enough time for me to be comfortable with it.

And Harris came out against the vaccine during the Trump Presidency.

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Pesonally, I don’t care. I’ve had the vaccine…but it’s been shown that even with the vaccine, a person can still carry it and pass it on to an asshole who didn’t get it. And the asshole will get a more severe case,. So I’m all good with that. But I also wonder how many of the aforementioned assholes who claimed the CDC had no right to trample their rights by mandating a mask initiative will cite the CDC decision when a store owner still requires a mask to enter.

Didn’t say she didn’t. But as I said…if a Trumper who wo’t get the vaccine because their svengali isn’t president deserves to get it from someone who did, but still carries it.

Great, no more of this Kumbaya shit, “I wear my mask for you, you wear your mask for me”.

IF the store has a sign on the door saying a mask is required…will you obey that, or will you give the kumbaya speech and cite the CDC decision?

Yes, I believe in the rights of business owners.
Will you quit going to places that don’t require masks?
FYI, it was great to go to Scheels last week, no mask requirement.

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Doesn’t look that way, bro.

When you write an unsolicited wall of text OP, it looks like an emotional complaint.

The left doesn’t believe in consumer choice. We have all the correct opinions at Big Brother Central, and the only acceptable policy is totalitarian enforcement thereof.

THat may be the only place in Johnson county that doesn’t have it. Every place I go, Kansas or MIssour, has required a mask.

NOpe…just wondering how long it will take a patriot who loudly protested that the CDC had no right to dictate what they could and could not do will defy a store owner who requires a mask and cite the same CDC that has no right telling HIM what to do as the reason he isn’t wearing a mask.

You think people who can’t get the vaccine for medical reasons are assholes?

Black people are refusing the vaccine in large numbers.

Stop trying to make everything about Trump.

Dude… I wasn’t a fan of masks at first. Then my daughter told me about the people (more than one patient) she was escorting up to see a loved one who was dying so they could say their goodbyes. And she strongly encouraged me to reconsider.

This is where they’ll get you every time, KC.

At no point in this exchange did your daughter or any of her colleagues that influenced her prove or even demonstrate that a lack of masking caused those people to die.

They told you an emotionally hypercharged story, at which point you stopped challenging their narrative.

I flatly reject this sort of spineless submission. Every action in life involves some manner of risk, and everyone you interact with makes different choices. Pretending otherwise does not change that.

Almost no stores are enforcing the mandates anymore, they post the signs and may ask people, but nobody is being forced to do the Health Departments job anymore.