Tesla Test Drive

Anyone here ever test drive a Tesla 3? If so, how was it?

I’m holding off for a bit until the pandemic slows down around here, but soon.

I own one. Ask away.

Make sure you have a garage. You budget 2k for a charger.

Yeah, that would be one of my questions, what I need to have installed, charger, garage outlets. It would be a big purchase for me, were I to take that plunge.

You can just plug it in a wall but it’s not as efficient and can take days to change.

Out here it was 1500 for labor. 500 for the charger

My typical drive to work is five minutes, so a quick charge might suffice the majority of the time. Still, if I sprung for a Tesla, I’d probably want a charger. Probably either way as the other option is a Prius Prime.

The Tesla is on a whole different level.

It’s very fast.

That’s not a big selling point for me. I mean it’s nice, but the CA roads here are pretty congested. Aside from that, I don’t like tickets. I use cruise control to prevent them.

Call your agent and ask for a quote for collision and comprehensive coverage on a Tessler.

It’s fairly high

Take that back. In California he can get cheap insurance though Tesla

20% below market in Ca and as much as 30% in some other states.

Here is my car. It’s named the terminator.

I said the same thing but when merging, passing and emergency moves, it makes a difference.

Now here we the negatives. The paint is garbage. People have said it’s no worse than other new cars but it chips easily. I drive my cars typically till they blow up. So I don’t know if other new cars have that issue.

You need a charger at home. Super chargers cost about twice as much.

There are a lot of fun gimmicks. You can make the car fart. Why? Who knows.

The gps actually sucks in my opinion. Go to my house, it takes you the most screwed up way. Other gps do the same thing. Instead of having you drive down the street and hang a left. It takes you though a 2 mile detour.

You don’t get the true range. Heating kills the battery. I’m happy with the range but it’s not the fill 300 miles.

The tires need to be inflated to be rigid for the best mileage. Sometimes that creates a bumpy ride.

The fsd is an expensive option and it’s not deployed yet.

The sound system is good. It doesn’t support car play but it can play from your phone.

It was lte built in but it limited use. You need to make sure your car is by WiFi. Everyone 1-2 weeks you’ll get a software upgrade. I don’t know if that a pro or con.

I have 2 USB ports. One is used for the sentry mode and then the other to charge my phone. I wish they’d given more ports.

When it’s driving itself. It’s freaky.

The car is a premium price. I like it but it was an expensive purchase. There doesn’t appear to be an extended warranty for the three.

Some of the build quality is a little janky for a car of that price. Things just seems to be a tad off.

At it stands now. I would buy another one. I enjoy it. It’s a nice car.

If you can do it. Get solar panels. It’ll help

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Just heard back from my insurance company. I’m currently paying ~$121/mo for full coverage on my Camry. Upgrade to a new Prius Prime and it’s ~$189, Tesla 3 would be $208.

Not as big a difference as I’d have expected.

Check Tesla insurance.