Tesla drivers will be able to make Zoom calls from their car

Tesla drivers will soon be able to take a video call directly from their vehicle's touchscreen dashboard, Zoom announced Tuesday.
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This is not a good idea!!!

It’s not, but you’d be surprised how many Zoom meetings I’m in where people are in their cars. Not usually Teslas, but their cars are connected to their phones. I don’t like participating in these meetings.

But they have autopilot so there’s no real problem. And besides, it likely flashed a warning to remember to watch to road


I didn’t know that Stossel hated Musk. Why hasn’t the government cracked down on his child labor violations at Tesla.

Is your brain capable of analysis that goes any deeper than the most superficial & trendy political stereotypes?

Genuinely curious, but all signs point to absolutely not.

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I’m so glad I make you feel good about yourself.

You make me pity you.

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