Technology outsmarting us

So, here’s the scenario: woman sets up a Google folder which is smart, and automatically sends her mom photos of her son any time she adds one. Grandma gets pics of the grandkid on the regular without the extra hassle because Google recognizes the kid in the photos and sends automatically.

Completely separate from this, same woman takes a risque video. For herself, for her significant other, for fun, whatever. But in the background on the fridge, there’s a snapshot of the son. Google picks up the snapshot, recognizes the kid via facial recognition, and adds the video to the folder to automatically send to Grandma. Now granny is getting something she didn’t ask for or want.

Anyone ready to go back to the 20th century?

And the moral of this story is, don’t get “nekkid” in the kitchen.

I can’t really say I feel bad for her, & I don’t blame Google. Overly automating one’s life will generate adverse consequences.

The service she signed up for worked exactly as advertised.

What are ‘unspeakable, ungodly’ things? I kinda want to see this video! There is no way I’m automating any photo sharing capability.

I am not a boomer, but some tech goes too far.

Exactly. I like using Google Home and know it’s listening to everything I say, that’s my decision. If someone doesn’t trust Google or the technology they can choose to not use it. Life’s pretty simple.

I agree, a lot can go wrong.

Yeah, but it seemed pretty innocent. Who would have thought it would catch a photo within a video?

My Nest doorbell camera knows if someone left or picked up a package, it’s pretty cool. Doorbell cams and Google pictures are cheap or free, imagine the awesome technology in expensive software.

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