Tasteless Jokes

There was a time when the Cadillac Division of General Motors Corporation of Detroit, Michigan manufactured large, expensive, opulent, stylish, luxurious convertible automobiles. At this same time, there were drive-in restaurants where a waitress would bring the customer’s food and drink order right to his or her car.

It seems, back in the day, that on this particular day a successful, well-to-do professional golfer drove his Cadillac convertible into a drive-in restaurant for a snack. (Like how I worked all that in?)

An attractive, very personable yet not particularly intelligent young waitress approached the golfer’s car to take his order. The waitress was very impressed with the golfer’s car and told him so. “That’s some beautiful Cadillac you’ve got there!” She exclaimed.

“Thank you,” the golfer replied. “I’m glad you like it.”

As the waitress was a nice looking young woman, the golfer was not adverse to striking up a conversation with her. So the golfer and the waitress spent the next several minutes chatting. At one point the waitress said to the golfer, “I don’t mean to pry, but I’m just curious what it is you do for a living that you could afford such a wonderful car.”

To which the golfer replied, “Oh, you’re not prying. It’s no secret that I’m a professional golfer!”

The waitress confessed to the golfer that she knew nothing at all about golf, adding, “but that is some magnificent Cadillac!”

After a while, the waitress took the golfer’s order, and shortly returned with his food. Upon presentation of the bill, the golfer reached into his pants pocket for cash to pay the waitress. Along with his money, out of his pocket came some golf tees, which fell on the seat of his car. Knowing nothing about golf, and having never seen golf tees before, the waitress inquired, “What are those?”

To which the golfer responded, “Those are tees.”

“What do you use them for?” The waitress asked.

“I rest my balls on them while I’m driving,” the golfer replied.

To which the waitress exclaimed with delight, “Boy, what those Cadillac people won’t think of next!”


How do you get 4 gay guys to sit on 1 stool?
Turn it upside down.

Just pointed out this one to the wife, I guess I’m making a sandwich for supper.

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Is he a cisdog?

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Jimtoo, that is funny! :grinning:

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I watched a youtube video of people who didn’t like Chevy Chase and Johnny Carson’s comment struck me as funny. He said “Chevy Chase couldn’t ad lib a fart after a bean dinner”


Wasn’t sure whether to put this one in this thread or the puns one. Anyone want a good blow?

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I like making jokes about vegetarians…

but never about tofu, that’s just tasteless.


Another that would have fit either in this thread or the pun one.