I would normally post this on the CH Board.

I switched from Straight Talk $45 each… $90 for unlimited TT&D.
to T-Mobile 27.50 each… $55 only a big difference…

The ST 90 included Taxes and Fees… The T-Mobile does not so the advertised $55 is actually $65… still a saving but not what I expected.

If this was disclosed, I missed it, as i am sure was intended.

I have Metro by T-Mobile. For get unlimited talk/text and 2GB data for each line. Price is $50.00 total, no taxes or junk fees.

Not sure what their other plans are.

I have the unlimited 55 for seniors with T-Mobile. I had to ask for it, but they had no problem changing my plan for me. I had Sprint until they merged. Never had any issues anywhere in the country. I own my phone, so I don’t have to pay equipment fees. I also like that there is no contract to lock me in for years. I keep getting offers from Verizon, but they aren’t as good as the $55 plan, and if I don’t have issues with service, why change. For a while, Verizon had a stronger network, but I’m not so sure about that anymore.

I have been with T-Mobile and then Metro by T-Mobile since about 2004. Over the years , they have made a big improvement in their Network coverage.

I had T-Mobile 11 years ago and I couldn’t get cell service at my home. Since I don’t have a landline, that wasn’t going to work. I switched to Verizon for a few years, but Sprint had a better deal and I went with them. I’ve been happy with T-Mobile/Sprint

Am I the only one who uses AT&T for my mobile phone service?

Nope I have one from work that is on AT&T. I was using Cricket brand up until a year ago and switched to Xfinity by Commie Cast. It runs on Verizon and seems better sometimes, but it still sux. Losing signal is not at all uncommon, and I am in the middle of a pretty fair population area. I do like my $15/mo persuming I don’t go over 1 gigabyte at which point it goes Ka-Ching and costs $30 plus tax. Still cheaper than Cricket which was $35 total.