Super Bowl Predictions

What are your Super Bowl predictions? The teams:


If I had to make a bet, it would be KC/SF.

Then again, I suck at predictions. As some might recall, I thought all four AFC West teams could go to the playoffs.

sentimental pick would be the Bills against the Giants and the bills win

My bracket had Bills/Vikings with Bills winning.
I now think it will be 49rs with Bills winning


Dallas wins 35-28!

Definitely agree with 49ers vs KC or Buffalo

Yep! Make up for the “Wide Right” of the Bills 1st SB appearance!

I took such great satisfaction in that after Norwood mocked the fans in a game against the Chiefs.

While I will always hope that the Chiefs make it, the way they almost loss to two of the worst teams in the league doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. I’d feel more comfortable if they were playing the Bills or Bengals, but they seem to sometimes play down to their competition. The playoffs may be different, then again - last year was ugly when a bout of overconfidence had the Cheifs mugging in the end zone before the half…much as the 49ers mugged in the end zone during the super bowl that they “sealed”. If they go in an play the entire 60 minutes, we win. If we get a lead and they start showboating, they won’t be in the Super Bowl. While I was a Cowboys fan in the 80’s, I haven’t liked them since Jerry Jones bought them.