Suddenly Tom Brady to San Francisco isn't that far-fetched

They still have Lance and JimmyG. That’s three more QBs than the Broncos have.

They are going to cut Jimmy G to save a ton on the salary cap. Lance is still rehabbing from his ankle injury, and if you believe the speculation he may be traded toom

So there you have it. Don’t build a dynasty, make one shot for the big show with grandpa as a QB

Actually, it does make sense. Take a shot with Brady while Purdy recovers, then turn it over to Purdy once he is ready to go.

Kind of what the Rams did, except with multiple aging players in other positions.

I’ve read that Purdy’s injury may be career ending, what then? I guess it’s true… all you need is a quarterback.

I didn’t see that. I read six month recovery at best, longer if he has surgery.