Steer clear of Bulls

A DEA agent had been tipped there was some opium being grown somewhere in a Texas County. He arrived at a ranch and told the rancher his mission. Th rancher was toldhe had to let the agent inspect all his fields.

The rancher said, “OK, but I would not inspect that field down yonder just past the oak tree.”

The agent was incensed. He pulled out his badge. “See this badge here? It gives me the right to go anywhere on these acres I want searching for illegal drug crops.”

The rancher acceded to the demand, and just smiled.

The agent made a straight line for the field the rancher advised staying clear of. The rancher waited for a few moments, and shortly heard screams of terror from the agent. A longhorn steer was charging him. “Help! What do I do?”

The rancher yelled back, “Guess you need to show him your badge!”

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