Sports you attend

What’s professional sports do you like to attend?

I like hockey games. Baseball is OK.

I don’t watch any sports on TV but I love hockey in person.

Hockey and football are great in person. Baseball is more of a social event.
I have went to a couple of MMA events live and they are great.

In KC I loved the blades. In Vegas, we had the Wranglers.

I prefer minor teams because I can afford to go more often. The price has gone up so much that it’s crazy expensive to attend a game… I could get seats on the ice for 35 dollars in Vegas. The blues would run me a couple hundred or more.

I agree baseball is a social event. I love eating all the crap food and chilling.

I have never really cared for football. Though I did volunteer for the Red Cross when I was in pre-med. We worked for the Chief’s games. They let us go out on the field right before a game and I have to say that was amazing.

This is a ‘middle aged man’ alert but the older I get the less likely I seem to go to sporting events. You see less, expose your experience to random drunks or guys hitting on your girl, $8 beers that get far more expensive if you get a DUI, and crappy food.

Having said that, I used to watch 30 Atlanta United (MLS) games a year because my ex-gf had season tickets and I really enjoyed that. Very fun in person, hard to watch on TV. I like to watch a few UND Hockey games when I go to visit my son, but this is his senior year and not sure there’ll be spectators allowed since the season ends in March. I’ve not been to the Braves new stadium and would consider that, I look at baseball as a social event more than a sporting event. I like to walk around the stadium and check out the different bars or food whereas you miss too much if you walk around during a football or basketball game.

The Falcons and United have seats that give you access to the sidelines, behind the players of course. The home team walks through this area as they take the field and while it’s cool it has a very circus parade or zoo feel to it. Feels like it would be humiliating for the players but what do I know?

It’s gotten too expensive to go to a Chiefs game anymore…$60 just to park the car. When my kid was younger, we used to go to the T-Bones games (baseball). That was the best bargain for family entertainment

T bones? They still around.

I prefer major league hockey to pro. It’s much cheaper

Agreed, my kids always had fun at those.