Sports and politics trivia

Two trivia questions:

Which state gave Donald Trump the most votes (number, not percentage)?

Which college has won the most NCAA championships (all sports, male and female)?

  1. California

  2. U of Texas

Question in return;

Two Power 5 schools have never won a Championship in any sport.
Name one of them.

1 yes, 2 no.

Mu guess is UCLA.

Oklahoma St.

Nope and nope.

Hint: it’s not even a school with a reputation built on athletics. They’re probably more known for other things.

OK, I cheated. UCLA was #2, Texas #4 and OkSt #5.

I am trying to think of schools with a lot of success in “non revenue” sports.

And, some decent success in revenue sports. And lots of success in academics.


Bingo. (At least, according to Stanford). 131 championships.

I heard the woman’s crew team was pretty good.

That’s not really surprising as they won the Directors Cup all the time.

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