Special memories

When I was growing up my best friend was Catholic and she went to church every Sunday. So when she slept over at my house on a weekend I would go to church with her. I didn’t want to wake my parents up that early on a Sunday morning so we would walk to her church which was two miles from my house. At that time females had to wear a hat or scarf to church so one morning I took what looked like a white scarf from our coat closet. However, by the time we were halfway to church I realized it was my dad’s prayer shawl which had Hebrew writing on it. Considering how long it would take to go back home and get another one I decided to wear it thinking no one at church would notice. As we were leaving church the priest looked at my “scarf” realized what it was and said how nice it was for me to visit their church. Since then it appears that priest thought of me as the Jewish girl who came to church with her Catholic friend and always smiled at me when he saw me.

My father died unexpectedly of a massive heart attack when I was in high school and that priest had heard about it. My mother and I felt so honored when we received a Mass card from that priest to pray for my dad and our family.

BTW - I met that childhood friend when I was two years old and her family bought a house on my street. After all these years we are still very good friends, even though she moved to Marin County in California during the seventies.


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