Sometimes it only takes two words

Olbermann got canned from ESPN for being a political hack. No one takes him seriously.

We are all living in Liberal woke snowflake land…

Can the president live in the White House?
Can I still get a Black Eye?
Can I tell a Little White Lie ?
Can we White Wash our wood planks ?
When the power goes out regionally, is that a Black Out ?

If you search really hard…you can pretend to be offended by anything…

KO is a major league dumbass. Augusta National golf club owns the Masters. No one can take it away. A boycott, now that’s funny. That’s been tried before, don’t think they lost a single sponsor.

The last time it was tried, The Masters literally aired the entire tournament without sponsors. They took the heat for their sponsors so as not to put them in a situation.

And shots fired by Rubio!!!

This is a mic drop…exposing the clowns for their political hypocrisy. Better yet, Augusta National should revoke his membership…

I like this quote as well “@SenMikeLee & I will be working hard to END MLB’s antitrust immunity,” Cruz tweeted Friday”

That should have been revoked a long time ago. It is absurd that MLB has an anti-trust exemption as a result of a quirky Supreme Court ruling when no other professional sports league has one.

Ah yes, the party constantly criticizing “cancel culture” is trying to cancel MLB because they don’t like something they did.

Revoking an outdated, monopolistic, perk is at the bottom of the list of “cancel culture” actions.

I don’t fully understand the anti-trust thing but I’m okay with ending it if MLB decides to dip a toe into political waters.

They never should have had antitrust exemption. But revoking it now is political retaliation.

Bring it up to vote, let the Democrats defend giving a multi billion dollar business perks and benefits.

Had MLB not interjected themselves in politics it wouldn’t be an issue.
Play silly games, win silly prizes.

Politics affects their business. It matters that Republicans are trying to rig elections.

First, the aren’t.
Second, no it doesn’t.
What will matter to them is their disgraceful, unethical business practices that will ensure that anybody that deals with them in the future will ensure they have an ironclad contract prior to agreeing to anything.

You’re for MLB’s antitrust immunity?

If they don’t take a stand, they would have fans boycotting them from the other side. They made a business decision. They’re not obligated to do business with the state of Georgia.

There is a MLB team in Atlanta. They literally are required to do business in Georgia.

They’re not required to give them the extra business of the all-star game.

The Georgia legislature took actions that were anti-democratic (small d). They are now dealing with the consequences.

After this unethical action by MBL almost everyone will insist on ironclad contracts from MLB.
Why would anyone want to do business with an entity that has no integrity?