Some hope for me personally

AFter my bike accident, I haven’t been the same. Physical therapy didn’t really help a lot. My shoulder and neck were quite painful, especially when trying to look up. My lower back was hurting enough that I was seriously considering looking into a recumbent trike to ride. Then I chatted with a woman at the bike shop who was looking at an ebike. She commented about mine and I told her it was my second - the first was totaled after I was hit by a car. She asked if I had recovered and I said not really. She gave me the name of a chiropractor here that works with the KC Chiefs. She said he uses something called Active Release Techniques. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, so I made an appointment.

It’s the nearest thing to a miracle that I have ever experienced. It’s kind of like a combination of accupressure and stretching. The relief was almost immediate. I had a second appointment this morning and I’m going to do two more next week. This is finally making me feel like I did before the accident. If you’ve got some nagging pain issue, you might consider looking for a chiropractor that uses the ART method.

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This is great to hear.
I love going to my chiro.
I know a lot of people think it is “quack” medicine, but it has kept me relatively flexible while getting fat and old.

I would be interested to hear how long the relief lasts after a visit. I am hoping (obviously) that you get permanent relief and don’t have to see a chiropractor every week.

I love ART and also muscle stripping or Graston technique. It breaks up scar tissue from normal wear and tear or in your case healing after an accident and that allows blood into the area. I’ve had graston sessions where it was painful to run 2 miles and hours after therapy I’ve gone for a 7 or 8 miles run.

Good luck KC, sucks this happened to you.

If KC is feeling relief then a few sessions will cure his ills. But it’s so effective I find myself going back even if I don’t have a debilitating issue. Endurance athletes do this kind of stuff once or twice a week.

Nice. Glad to hear you are getting some relief.

Did your legal case fully wrap-up ?

Almost. The biggest lesson is don’t get hit if you are over 60 or retired…especially if the guy who hit you has Farmers (dum de dum dum dum de dum) apparently Farmers is pretty well know for “discount settlements”, and if you want to sue, go ahead…they have lawyers on staff who are being paid if they are in court or not. Oh yeah…one of my friends is a loss adjustor for Farmers and he said there is no way he’d want to handle bodily injury as they are pretty heartless.

The settlement was pretty disappointing…even moreso because I was told NOT to ride a lot, lest the insurance company become aware of it and it would impact my settlement. So I didn’t, then settled, and then returned to my “normal” activities. Which is where the neck and back issues became aggravated.

I’m also dealing with my health insurer, who wants reimbursement for that they paid, which I am fine with, except for a couple of things. They refused to cover the ER bill until I submitted it to my auto insurer (USAA). The bill was for $5800 and USAA paid $4300, which is about 4 times what the negotiated rate from BCBS was ($1,074). BUT…once USAA processed it, BCBS went ahead and paid an additional $1,074 (which they want back). I am disputing this and asked why they denied the original claim if they were going to pay it anyways, and if they were working for me, they should have seen that the ER got 4 times what they would have and they should have told the hospital that it was paid in full.

THEN there was a charge for physician who read my x-rays in the ER. Again the insurance company refused until it was submitted to my auto insurer. But a few months had already passed and I got a bill for $102 in the mail from this doctor. Rather than send it to USAA and to avoid being turned in to a credit bureau for $100, I paid the $102 out of my HSA. And THEN - BCBS ran THAT claim thru and paid an additional $50 to the doctor. And they want THAT back too. I am citing that one to bolster my claim that BCBS made a mistake with both of these and I should not have to pay for their mistake. That one is being reviewed by BCBS.

Finally - my lawyer said we COULD take them to court - however - because of Covid, no civil jury trials were held for a year, so we might get on the docket in early 2022 and we might go to court by the 3rd quarter of 2022. In the meantime, Farmers would do everything they could (depose my doctor and physical therapists) which would run up the expenses and most likely REDUCE a jury award. And second - with 2 years to pass and I walk in tanned and showing no signs of damage, a jury might not be sympathetic to someone saying “it’s painful if I ride longer than 25 miles” when most people are tired out after 2 miles.

And the best part is…the guy who hit me was not even given a traffic ticket for failure to yield, much less hitting someone. And if he had “accident forgiveness”, even his rates might not have gone up.