Those that whine the most contribute the least, people should put their money where their mouths are. The big difference between righties and lefties is righties want to keep more of what they earn and opportunities. Lefties want to be given things without earning them, they believe they are owed something just for showing up.

I am not against some socialist ideas such as a single payer system but I am growing weary with the youth who think housing, food, education, health care, etc are all basic rights.

You have to work to succeed.

Exactly. I have no problem helping those that can’t help themselves, but people shouldn’t be rewarded because they’re lazy or make bad decisions. If someone can’t afford a kid they shouldn’t have one and expect the taxpayers to support them, I have no sympathy for selfish A-holes.

I think single payer would benefit everyone. I do not think free education would help many. Though I found out something interesting about some IL school. The lady who cuts my hair is from Chicago. In High school they paid for her beauty school program. We need more programs like that.

Not everyone is cut out for college, high school should be where youngsters find what they’re good at and enjoy doing. Way back in the early 80’s my high school had an industrial arts program that offered drafting, wood shop, metal shop, machine shop, printing, auto repair and a few others. There were programs that put you in the classes you need to land a career, math and drafting were included for a lot of the programs. A buddy was in the machine shop program and senior year went to school until 11 and then to a job at a local machine shop. He later bought the business and is doing pretty well for not going to college.

The problem is the left thinks blue collar work isn’t useful. They think a gender studies degree is more valuable then a plumber.

Don’t get me started on required classes. My son’s at the University of Illinois, he started freshman year with like 57 credits because of AP classes, yet is still required to take useless electives that have nothing to do with his major. They’re blow off classes but still are costing me thousands a year which could better be used for his second major.

Is he even in classes? I know some are doing online only.

It’s all online, he goes to one class but it’s optional to show up and meets with a couple study groups occasionally. The big bummer is the mayor just changed the law allowing 19 year olds in the bars, got to be 21 now. His apartment is party central from what I hear, it’s a huge 4 bedroom that’s very nice and his complex has an awesome outdoor area.

One of his buddies has an apartment but is only there Thursday night and comes home to his parents house Friday afternoon. He’s got a decent job and only has to be in Champaign on Friday. My son is still tutoring online to a few kids from his old high school, it’s easy money and he doesn’t mind doing it.

My condo is in downtown. I guess it use to be part central. One of the board members is gay and throws big gay sex parties. Yet gets pissy when other people do something similar.