So we rode our bikes to see this today

It was supposed to leave Union Station in KC at 8. We took our bikes down to a place we could watch it. It finally came by at 10:30

Did you put a nickel on the track?

Reminds me of this:

Heard that was coming by.
Someone I know tangentially is really into it and I think she was down there.

There were quite a few. We had thought about riding downtown to see it, which, in retrospect, we should have. But we wanted to see it moving a little faster. That shot is part of a video (it won’t let me post a video here). This was at 85th and Prospect. And it was HOT. I had 2 24 oz bottles of water frozen when we started. I finished one and had to nurse the second one on the way back. I stopped at a convenience store and filled them both up again. I had one bottle while I was there. I finished the second bottle by the time I got home. I have had 3 bottles since I got home at 11:45. HOT

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We were talking about this Monday at Boy Scouts.
How when our kids were young and into trains you would go to Fitz’s and overpay for a mediocre burger so it was delivered by a train.

Big Boy coal train. Too bad its not still rolling coal. Coal fired steam engines are AWESOME! In my small town we have the state’s steam show each year. I am just amazed at the power that the steam tractors have. The first time I was around one I was amazed at how quiet they are to run. Unless the whistle is blowing, the only sounds you really hear are the mechanical gears moving.

I wish I could post a video. We saw the Big Boy in 2019 when it was in Lawrence Kansas. We were very close when it was getting ready to depart. After the initial release of steam - the wheels began turning - and it was indeed completely silent. It’s more impressive to see in the winter months as you can really see the steam. In 100 degree weather, it’s just hot.

Yep…been there with my grandson!

We call that ambiance.

Makes me miss my old Lionel.

That train is WAY bigger than a Lionel. I’m not a train geek, but I’ve seen this beast a couple of times and whether or not you are into trains - it is one helluva thing to see in person. While we were waiting, a semi stopped before crossing and asked why so many people were there. He crossed the tracks and parked his truck and it came by just a couple of minutes later. He was amazed at what he saw.

Well, when you’re ten years old, things look a lot bigger than they do later in life.

A lot of people here have worked long and hard to get this old one rolling last month.