So much for the #1 seeds

Both Tennessee and Geeen Bay lost today. That means that the winners of the two games tomorrow will host the conference championships.

That is two years in a row the Packers lost to a warm weather team at home in the playoffs. That is surprising.

I hope @thebunny is hanging in there.

Karma got Rodgers.

Have there been any other quarterbacks as great as Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers who won one Super Bowl and never played in another?

I wasn’t watching, just now catching up. Cincy allowed nine sacks and won?

I’ll respectfully submit Dan Marino, who played in two Super Bowls but didn’t win one. Granted Marino’s records have been broken but he was far and above anybody else in his era.

Fortunately, the Chiefs seem to be taking Buffalo seriously. When they played the Bengals, they were a bit cocky and overconfident and it came back to bite them. If they beat Buffalo, I think they will take
Cincy seriously this time, regardless of what kind of lead they might have.

I deliberately referred to quarterbacks who had won one game. Both Brees and Rodgers won early in their careers and many figured they would win more. Instead, neither one ever made it back to the big game, much less won it.

The only one I thought of that might fit that description is Steve Young. However, his window as a starter was much narrower and came later in his career.

Also, Marino only played in one Super Bowl. That was in his second year against San Francisco. One would have thought he would have played in more, but he never made it back.

A new bit of trivia about Rodgers:

Todays Karma… Bills and Bucks :grinning: :grinning:

Maybe Rodgers will go to Tennessee for a year and they can take Tannehill out to pasture

Any day that Green Bay loses on the Fabled Frozen Tundra works for me. Good job SF, not pretty, but it all looks the same on paper. I like the Bills for the bit show, I’ll go with Tampa Bay on the NFC side mostly because of my long association with the TB area. I don’t really follow any FB teams closely anymore. I guess the relative confines of the pandemic has increased my interest a bit the last couple of years.

So Green Bay had only 10 players?

The Athletic has an article today that discusses how Tannenhill’s contract pretty much ties him to the team for 2022 and probably 2023.

The Athletic has a pay wall, but this snippet pretty much sums it up:

Tannehill’s cap hit will go from $11.1 million this season to $38.6 million in 2022, according to Over the Cap, and cutting him before June 1 would mean $57.4 million in dead money. Barring something unforeseen, such as another NFL team loving Tannehill more than the most optimistic and forgiving of Tannehill fans, he’s the Titans quarterback in 2022. Very likely in 2023, too.

And, Marino only played in one SB, not two. Everyone assumed he would be back, but the team was one dimensional from that time forward. He put up great stats, but not much in the playoffs.

I usually try to avoid schaudenfraude, but some of these are funny.

And now Brady and Arians are gone. Karma is undefeated this playoff season.

The Rams with their “prevent offense” in the fourth quarter almost screwed the pooch.

I knew that the Bucs were going to lose when their defense took a little time to mug for the cameras in the end zone. The 49er’s did it in the super bowl and ended up looking like fools. The Chiefs did it against the Bengals and they lost the game and looked like fools. And today, the Bucs. Even when the fumble in such a great location…When I saw them mugging for the cameras, I just smiled a bit.