was a pretty good game

Chiefs and Bills played a game for the ages last night. I know I’m a Mahomie, but watch the video of what he did when the game ended. That’s why I like the kid.

Definitely a fantastic game and I don’t even like pro football.

However, the OT rules in the NFL are the worst in all of sports. Pretty sure we can get bi-partisan support on that…

Both of the games yesterday were great.

I’ve been informed by reliable sources that the Suicide Hotlines in Green Bay, Tampa, and Buffalo all broke down over the pressure this weekend.

The Chiefs actually tried to get them changed 3 years ago when the same scenario happened to them against the Patriots.

Think that played a big part in why Mahomes ran to Josh Allen right after the game. He knew how it felt.

Mahomes is such a great kid, which makes you wonder how his little brother ended up such a dipshit.

I’d probably be less of a dipshit if I had Mahomes type talent.

I hadn’t heard of his brother’s dipshittery, but every family seems to have one. My brother is a dipshit, still living with our mom and has hardly worked since the recession of 2008.

It is prominent here because of Mahomes playing here.
Danced on a tribute to a player that had passed away.
Pulled a “you know who I am” on social media because a restaurant followed the rules and wouldn’t let him in.