Sliced prosciutto

I really like prosciutto, but nobody else in my family does.
One of the problems I have is that I get tired of it before I can eat all of it, and it is too expensive to waste.

I just put some in an air fryer, OMG…game changer!!!

I put some on a sandwich and crumpled some up in soup. It is like bacon on another level!!

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My Italian buddies will just throw it in a frying pan till it’s crispy like a potato chip.

Still haven’t hopped on the air fryer trend. Our oven has an air fryer setting, though I’m supposed to get an extra pan for it.

We just bought a new oven that has an air fryer setting.
Will wait to see if we need to air fry anything that big.

Thought about that, but throwing it in the air fryer meant I didn’t have to tend to it.

We’ve had ours for a year. Meh, it’s okay but not life changing, I guess I was expecting more but it’s just a little oven.

If you have a convection oven. You have an air fryer.

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