Six Feet Of Blood Clots Removed From High School Football Player’s Legs Days Before Season Starts

Doctors are befuddled. Bravo Sierra! They must LIE and cannot tell you the truth about the experimental frankenshots foisted upon victims as Covid “vaccine”. These things are well known at this point and are not really blood clots.

I read your link and didn’t see where it said he had gotten a covid shot.

So what? Doesn’t need to say. How many young fit athletes have to DIE before the death shots are banished? There are stories everywhere about all the adverse effects of the experimental mRNA jab. Clots are just one of the serious side effects. More than ALL the side effects of ALL the vaccines reported to VAERS data base over its entire history!

Have you ever heard of any such an incident ever before the covid shots came out? Hmmm?

No! If you have a death wish, go get another jab!