Shrinkflation Hitting Consumers

Something hitting consumers directly in the wallet that does not get reflected in inflation numbers:

It is everywhere you shop. You probably don’t notice the shrinkflation on products you don’t frequently buy. In that article, it has a picture of aluminum foil. I might buy a roll once a year so I would probably not notice. If your a small resturant that uses tons of aluminum foil, you would quickly spot this trick.

I notice the other day that my 32oz drink is now 30oz.

We buy John Copes dried sweet corn for powwow. We typically only buy it once a year. This year the bags were 3.75oz and last year they were 7.5oz. Price stayed the same. Remember, we use to have 20oz pops but now the standard is 0.5L (16.9 oz).

These Biden dollars don’t go as far as the Trump dollars went.

This is Biden’s fault? Pricing and packaging decisions are made a year in advance or longer, it’s very strategic. Besides, I’ve already told you that the reopening sectors are where you’re finding 5% or greater inflation from July 2020. That’s completely normal.

Its not just Biden’s fault. God you clearly cant take a joke. Trump signed the first stimulus bill. He is just a guilty. Trump is no longer in office and has zero power to lead us through this tough time.

What is Biden going to do to keep us from hyper inflation? He thinks we just need to spend another $4,000,000,000,000.00 in order to stop the run away inflation. This makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. We can spend our way out inflation.

Hard to tell you were joking from way over here. I dont like the endless shimmy checks as much as you but don’t believe we can blame that for reopening related inflation. We can definitely blame the labor shortage on that.

Noticed that the meat on both the Chik-Fil-A and Popeye’s was a smaller portion.

HOw many decades has it been since you ran to the grocery store to buy a pound of coffee?

Thats easy. Never. I don’t drink coffee. Never have.

Same here with me also. Don’t like it, drink tea instead.

We sure can. Hopefully we’ll all manage to die before the chickens come home to roost.

Our children & grandchildren otoh, they’re going to have a fabulous time with the consequences of our generation’s recklessness.

Why is our children’s future only threatened when a Democrat is in office?

I didn’t say they were. You are putting words in my mouth, because you have an unhealthy obsession with politics.

Your brain doesn’t work.

At first inflation really only effects low income people and those on a fixed income. If sales go down companies will feel it and make adjustments such as less product in a package, which also will effect low income people and those on a fixed income the most.

I usually buy a case of Vitamin Water Zero for my kid once a month at Costco and it’s always been $15.99, a few times a a year it’s $4 off so I’ll stock up. Last week it was $17.99, over 10% higher, but a couple bucks isn’t a big deal for me. It is a big deal for families living paycheck to paycheck, I’m sure the democrats solution will be for the government increase food stamps and other taxpayer handouts further making those on the dole more dependent on the government.