Should we punish lying by a POTUS?

If we punished lying to the American people not to be confused with lying under oath, which presidents would not have been sent to jail if it was punished as a misdemeanor crime or prison if it was a felony or would have been removed from office if it was apolitical but factually punished lying?

The Whole Biden Campaign was a LIE


In all fairness that’s the norm not the exception

Trump did pretty much what he promised.

That is what the left objected to.

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Should we punish telling the “truth” as president?

Should we punish or prosecute doing as promised?

I read this article this a.m. and am surprised. Not by a judge advising Trump not to do anything to try and influence a potential jury, but by the warning not to commit any new crimes. As far as I know, Trump has yet to be criminally convicted of any crime and that statement might be grounds for a motion that the judge should be replaced due to bias.

That might be typical of someone who posts bail aka is out on parole. It might just be an advisory

But if the judge used it to exclusively reply for Trump alone agree that it’s unconscionable and he should recuse himself. How does the judge address defendants?

There’s your dinner!

If nothing else add it to the list for appeals?

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