Serious I

Anyone buying Series I? I’ve never bought any, but…

Im holding 6 I bonds now, I bought 3 in December and 3 more in January. Nice to see the rate has gone up since I got them.

We have maxxed out 2 personal accounts…inflation is going to be here awhile.

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Not buying but own $10k worth from 2001. They have some rules about when you can access your money but aren’t a bad place to park money if you don’t need it for a few years.

If you want to buy them from Treasury Direct before 2023, you’d better get your account set up today. That is one of the absolute WORST websites I have ever been to.

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Treasury Direct website is getting a makeover, current website is at least 20 years old.

For those of you who’ve bought these in the past, how do you keep track of them?

I’m not particularly worried about forgetting I have them or losing my records, but if I get hit by a truck tomorrow, I don’t want all records to be gone. I expect my kid to be a thousandaire, at least.

Youd need to have a document with all the account numbers and passwords. I have a will but i still need to create this document with accoumt numbers.

I think some of it has been done. Much easier to log into, although still the goofy “screen keyboard” to enter your password. But it was much easier to navigate.

Weirdly, the password doesn’t seem to be case sensitive.

OK, now this is ridiculous.

I created my account a couple of days ago. Not the simplest site to navigate, but not that bad. But I got a rejection notice this morning, vaguely worded. After researching it, I found I’d input the wrong account number for my credit union. Easy fix, right? But to make a change to my banking information, they want me to fill out a six-page form, take it to the credit union, and mail it in. This is supposedly for security reasons, but sending all this info through the mail has to be a bigger security risk than anything else.

It gets better. There’s a phone number you can call. So, I call. Going through the menu, I finally get to the wait for a representative and am told the wait is over two hours.

Fuck that, my time is worth something.

I would, but saving all my cash for house purchase & moving expenses. Between massively inflated home prices and much higher interest rates…

Fortunately, I did NOT listen to Clark Howard and have been steadily paying down extra principal on my current house. Once we sell it, that will enable us to have a very easy monthly mortgage payment in our new house.

Up until 10-12 years ago you could walk into a bank and buy them.

Oh yes…the hold time. They tell you it will be 3 hours. If you call after 1:00 central time they will tell you that they arent’ taking any more calls. I finally got thru but it was RIGHT when they started, which could be pretty early for those of you on the west coast.

Who’s going to sit on the phone with hold music for 2-3 hours?

It’s stupid to begin with. I was trying to correct a friggin typo.

So let me get this straight…you are saying that government processes are inefficient? That is shocking !!!

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This website is very different from most of the other government web sites. Social Security and IRS are very straightforward. This one is just strange. The login screen is whack…your keyboard won’t work…you have to use your mouse to press a button on an on-screen keyboard…and the password is not case sensitive, which really should have been one of their first changes.

Yeah, that was weird, but I was able to navigate the site without that big a problem. Just ridiculous that correcting a typo requires a six page form to be signed by the bank and mailed in and a 2 hour wait on the phone lines.

I don’t know much about these but here is what I think I know about them. Currently the rate is 9.62% which will be fixed for 6 months then adjusted every 6 months thereafter based on inflation. So today it could be 9.62% and the next 6 months could be 6% and a year from now it could be 3%. What about periods of deflation? Do you have to pay interest?

$10K at 9.62% fixed for 30 years and compounded every 6 months would be amazing. It would grow to $167K. Lets hope we don’t have 30 years of high inflation like this because $167K would get you a happy meal in 30 years.

Update: I sent in the idiotic six-page form they required, got a message saying they received it and to allow up to 13 weeks for it to be processed. LOL, the current rates are good for another week or so.