Seeing the same movie decades later

I saw the movie On Golden Pond in 1981 when it was a new movie. At the time I was in my early thirties and thought it was just okay. However, when I saw it again on TV tonight I thought it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.

It is interesting how your stage of life affects your perception of a movie. I have found a similar situation when I reread a book that I read decades ago.


I’ve found that some movies I thought were great years ago are just meh when i watch them now. Although some do bring back memories of when I first watched them like you do with some songs.

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Blazing Saddles
Young Frankenstein
Animal House

I could name so many that are fantastic movies that could not be made today


Watched Dead Poets Society recently with someone who had never seen it. Great film, still mostly holds up.

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Ironically, during Covid, my son and I watch Stallone’s Over the Top, and had you asked me about it before we watched, I would have said it was just a cheesy 80’s movie.
But watching now, it really was well made with good acting.

Stallone was good, but it kinda was a cheesy 80s movie, but with some nice moments.

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