Scotty the car guy

Personally, I find the guy annoying, but apparently a lot of people like him. He’s making 30 to 40 thousand dollars a month with his videos on YouTube, at 70 years old.

I legitimately don’t understand how social media influencing is monetized
But good for him and the other old farts that figured it out.

Never heard of this guy, my guess is the ads generated when watching his vids.

Has some good info but his voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

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He’ll pop up on my YouTube if I’m searching a vehicle or how to fix something on my car.

YouTube is weird how you make money and they occasionally change the algorithm where someone who was making over 10 grand a month drops down to almost nothing. I’m not paying anything so I really don’t care, but if somebody can make bank posting videos, more power to them.

I pay for Youtube TV which I’m happy with. Price has gone up $20 a month since I’ve had them, for that raise I’d like to get ad free YT videos.

They get paid based on views. There is ads embedded in the video just like old school TV broadcasting. For people like me, I pay something like $12 or $15 per month to watch ad free youtube. A portion of this money will get allocated to the content creators based on views.

When the videos start getting massive views, then the creator gets a decent check.

I have a channel and mine is all ad free. I don’t make much content anymore. I just dont have the time. I have thought about making videos again. My girls would love to star in their own youtube channel.

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I have it too, YouTube TV is perfect for my needs.

I agree.

I know that but there are often perks you get when subscribed to a service. If they offered to attach youtube premium for $5 a month I’d likely do it.

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penguinz0 has 14 million subscribers, bet he gets a big paycheck. I watch some of his video’s that are funny, like tossing dildos and getting them to stick.

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