Sanity prevails/sports stadiums

Two years ago we literally got tickets for free from our neighbors to the Chiefs v Rams game.
Actually had to go to Wal Mart to buy a Chiefs shirt.
They put them up on FB and my wife asked if my son wanted to go, none of his friends could make it last minute so he and I went.
Fun fact, my son and I learned that Sean McVay is balding pretty bad.
But even with free tickets I am sure we spent well over $100

The thing I don’t get about stadiums - The city/county own the stadium. They pay for the upkeep of the stadium, but the team gets to sell the naming rights to a stadium and keep that money. I’m wondering if the city paid for the new signage or it was paid for by the team. I believe the city maintains the parking lot, but the team keeps the parking revenues.

The main problem with this is it is owned by Jackson County.
And our Legislative body is both the most corrupt and most inept that you can imagine.
Now, Frank White is pretty much a disaster too, but this is on of those “broken clock” scenarios.

We went to a cardinals game and I want to say all in all for 3 people it was like 500 dollars by the time we were done. We got ok seats.

That’s too much.

For an update, this is funny.

But, hey, if the Chargers could return to Los Angeles, anything is possible. :grinning:

And they might have the turnout that the Chargers have in LA. And Dallas isn’t anywhere near as populated as LA. And I don’t think Jerry Jones would like it much. BUT…if they did, wouldn’t it be kind of funny if they built a stadium at the site of the old Texas Stadium?

I attended a LOT of games at Texas stadium in the 80’s. I’ve only attended a few Chiefs games, but one thing they CAN’T move to Texas is “The Arrowhead Experience”. I remember the pregame parking lots at Texas Stadiums being like a church service…people dutifully filing into the stadium. It was and is hard to get to the gates of Arrowhead without passing thousands of grills and smokers and tailgate parties. It’s a freaking party in the parking lot. I don’t know what AT&T stadium is like before games. The current Arrowhead Stadium is hands down the best smelling parking lot in the NFL.

I don’t like them dangling the “we’ll just move” line. I haven’t’ heard Clark Hunt imply that, just the team president. But I think in the Hunt household when any conversation about moving the Chiefs comes up - if they listen quietly I think they can hear Lamar starting to roll over in his grave. I was afraid they might move when Lamar died, but they didn’t. But Norma Hunt died this year. We’ll see if she was the only reason they didn’t move.

I don’t see any way Jerry Jones would ever allow that to happen. I was confident that the Bills would not move to Austin for the same reason.

I saw that, it is getting roasted on KC area Twitter.

I am going to the Kenny Chesney concert in July, last time we went the parking lot was a full blown party. I may have to nap for 3 days after this one.

After this debacle, Mark Donavan needs to be told to shut the hell up.